Why SFI?

When Politics decides our future and career, we should decide our politics, what it should be!


The Students’ Federation of India inherits with pride the anti-imperialist, patriotic, secular, democratic, and progressive legacy of the Indian people’s struggle for national liberation from the British colonial rule. It carries forward the heritage of the progressive student movement of our country, which has always considered itself an inseparable part of the broader struggle for social transformation. It is this legacy that the Students’ Federation of India holds aloft in its slogan of “Independence, Democracy, and Socialism!”

The Students’ Federation of India, since its inception, successfully championed the slogan of ‘Study & Struggle’ and effectively countered the disruptive theory of ‘Student Power’ that ascribed to the student community the leadership of social revolution. The Students’ Federation of India stood firmly against attacks on democratic rights and fought against the imposition of emergency. Its slogan of “Education for all, Jobs for all” found a strong appeal within the student masses of the country, rallying them to the fold of the movement and the organization. The Students’ Federation of India consistently stood in solidarity with the anti-imperialist national liberation movements across the globe.

The Students’ Federation of India takes upon itself the task of organizing the students in schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions of the country and also Indian students studying abroad under its banner to build a powerful and well-knit student movement for the upliftment and betterment of the student community

The Students’ Federation of India fights for the realization of its aim to establish a democratic, scientific, secular and progressive educational system ensuring education and job for all that calls for the implementation of comprehensive land reforms, elimination of the stranglehold of international finance capital and indigenous monopoly capitalism. The Students’ Federation of India aims to accomplish this by organizing the student community in the struggles of the wider democratic movement of the workers, peasants, and other progressive forces.


For Further Reading-

SFI Programme: http://sficec.org/programme

SFI Constitution: http://sficec.org/programme/constitution1


To join SFI, click here.


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