SFI Organizes Public Meeting on ‘AMBEDKAR KE SAPNO KA BHARAT’.

The Public Meeting was a culmination of the 14  days #CastOutCaste across the university.

Dated: April 13, 2017


SFI organized a Public Meeting on an India of Ambedkar’s Dreams at Arts Faculty, DU on April 13 as a culmination of a 14 day campaign named #CastOutCaste in Delhi University against Caste and Gender Based discrimination. Scores of Students from various colleges of DU participated in the Public Meeting. Many renowned speakers donned the podium of the event to share their views with the participants.

Noted Journalist Anil Chamadia enlightened the audience with his detailed understanding of how caste discrimination is rampant in contemporary institutions, which specific focus on the Media Industry.

Rajeev Kunwar, Professor at Dyal Singh College discussed the nexus of capital and caste and how both are manifested in the education policy of the country, which is not inclusive. He posited that the attempts by the current government to make colleges autonomous and rise in fees, seat cuts across research programs in Public Universities, the non-implementation of roasters in DU, and the misuse of OBC funds are suggestive of castiest perversion of the seemingly neutral capital.

Jagmati Sangwan – renowned Women Activist at AIDWA – shared her experiences in fighting the castiest and patriarchal khap panchayats in Haryana, and the successes of Women Movement in ensuring inter-caste marriages are permitted. She dared the RSS and other Castiest Organisation to not push forward medieval and conservative ideas in the public discourse, and said that the unity of women-students-youth-dalit-minorities will bring an end to Fundamentalist Politics of the Sangh Parivar.

Other than speeches, Jan Natya Manch – the theatre group co-founded by Martyr Safdar Hashmi – performed a powerful street play based on Rohith Vemula’s Last Letter. Janasamskriti Theatre Group also encouraged the audience with a number of revolutionary songs in Hindi and Malayalam.

The Public Meeting concluded with slogans of ‘Jatiwad Murdabad’, ‘Inquilab Zindabad’ and ‘Jai Bhim, Lal Salam’, with the students pledging to intensify the struggle against caste and gender in and outside university campuses.

A few photos from the public meeting – 

The facebook event of the Public Meeting


These posters were pasted in all colleges of Delhi University to inform the students about the event –

A few posters circulated on Social Media informing about the event –


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