JNU International Post-Truth Workshop

Workshop on Critical Thought and Argumentative Reasoning in the times of Post-Truth.

Workshop on Critical Thought and Argumentative Reasoning in the times of Post-Truth.

On April 21, 2017 (Friday), at 2 PM,

Venue: School of Arts and Aesthetics Conference Hall SAA II, JNU (underneath the SAA Library)

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Soumyabrata Choudhary


Throughout the world we witness the fundamental transformation of democratic discourse brought about by new means of communication as well as deliberate strategy. The EU Refugee Crisis, Brexit, the Colombian Peace Referendum, Brazil’s cold coup, Trump and JNU are only examples that stand for a wider, global phenomenon. Increasingly, political debate is reduced to mere performance bare of any end or meaning, blurring the lines of informed judgement and reducing decisions to solidified binaries, emotionally exploitable and at the detriment of argumentative reasoning. As students we are trained to argument, reflect and critically engage information, elementary democratic qualities that are delegitimized and ridiculed by the politics of 140 characters.

While many international students have been first hand observers of such convulsions in their countries, the JNU student community is standing at the forefront upholding fragile rights and values that our generation tends to take for granted. It is time to get together! In this workshop we will share our diverse backgrounds and experiences, learn collectively and deliberate about the challenges and possibilities that we face as a generation.

The questions we will pose are political as they are philosophical and global in reach. What did we lose when we talk about post-truth? What is false equivalence? How to strive for humanistic values in a climate of produced moral anomy? How to burst the bubbles that we inhabit?

We will do so in a workshop environment, where a short impulse introduction is followed by the formation of sub groups debating about chosen topics in the course of the afternoon in order to present their ideas to the larger group before having a fade out of the event in form of a social get-together to continue discussions and conviviality as participants wish.

Facebook Event Link : https://www.facebook.com/events/1815909025394718/


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