May Day at May Day Bookstore and Cafe !

First of its kind, May Day Bookstore and Café, was launched on 1st May 2012. It is a unique space where you can hang out, read, discuss culture and politics, and have great coffee, of course! Attached to it is Jana Natya Manch’s space, Studio Safdar. The theatre space and the bookstore programmes a series of events every month, performances, readings, discussions, film screenings, etc. TheBookstore and Cafe is an initiative taken by SFI sister organisation LeftWord Publications.


On this May Day (also known as the International Labour Day, celebrated across the world on May 1) we salute the braveheart radicals from over a century ago who fought for the 8-hour working day. And all those, across the world, who continue to struggle for a more humane world.

May Day is shorthand for human dignity. As the Right surges across the world, we need every day to be May Day. So come to May Day Bookstore and Café — Delhi’s first, and only, left-wing café — on the 1st of May. We open at 2, and we go on till about 8ish.
We have a mouthwatering collection of new, used and rare books. The best bargains go fast — and, as always, we have an absolutely fantastic collection — so plan to arrive early.
And, like every year, we have a super line up of performances and readings by Annie Koshi, Dhwani Vij, Gautam Bhan, Jana Sanskriti, Kuljeet Singh, Mukul Manglik, Rahul Ram and Sanjay Rajoura, Saif Mahmood, Sanjeev Kumar, Sanjna Kapoor, Sumangala Damodaran, Vqueeram Aditya Sahai. 
If you’d like to bring a guitar and sing a song, do so. (But come early so we can give you a slot.)

We have delicious snacks, at the counter managed by Vasant Saberwal. Vasant is the brain behind us getting into used books.  Many of you bake cakes and pastries for May Day. We’d be delighted to serve them!  And, as always, we have the world’s best coffee, served by the world’s best barista. (If you’ve visited May Day on May Day, you know this is hardly an overstatement.)

Metro: Shadipur on BLUE line.
Avoid driving. Finding parking is tough, particularly on Mondays and Saturdays.
Directions: Shadipur metro – Satyam Cinema – cycle ricksha – ‘Biyaasi number’ – May Day board next to DMS booth.
Phone: 011 2570 9456.

Pictures from last year’s May Day Celebrations –

Akhil Katyal reading his poems as Cafe Barista Prof. Mukul Manglik looks busy in the background !


Performance by Rahul Ram at May Day Cafe.




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