IITs seek six-fold fee hike for PG courses. – An attempt at Exclusion

IITs want a six-fold fee hike for PG courses to ‘reduce their financial burden’ at a time when the government is pushing for more revenue generation.


After hiking the course fee for their undergraduate courses, the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are seeking to hike their postgraduate course fee by six times.

In a proposal, the IITs have underlined that though they spend some Rs10,400 per student per month or over Rs1.24 lakh per annum, they only “charge Rs20,000 per annum” from each student, as per the agenda document of the IIT council meeting.

IITs want student fee to be hiked to reduce their financial burden at a time when the government is pushing for more revenue generation at these elite institutions.

All the 23 IITs, their board chairmen who are largely industry leaders and top officials from the human resource development (HRD) ministry will take up the matter and try to take a call on this by this evening in Mumbai.

With the number of post-graduate students increasing in the IITs, these engineering schools feel that it’s time to hike the fee for post-graduate students to maintain quality and provide good facilities.

The move comes a year after the IIT council headed by human resource development minister last year increased the course fee from Rs90,000 to Rs2 lakh per annum for undergraduate IIT students.

It is quite evident that this decision comes in light of the new encouragement for self – financing colleges provided by the central government, such hike in fees will occur across all central university campuses. This will result in the exclusion of majority of aspirants from institutes of higher learning. Moreover, this decision comes in light of the apparent Slave-Like tendencies such the central government (both current and the previous) have shown towards Global Finance Capital. Banks, and other Financial Institutes are clearly to benefit from this move as students will be forced to take education loans (which comes with extremely high interest rates) if they want to pursue higher education. There is ample evidence across the world of the consequent result of this strategy. Most students get trapped in the vicious cycle of debt repayment for most of their lives, which sharply reduce their life chances.

Dear Friends, we must not accept this ‘reservation of the rich’, and the sale of education (a basic human right) to select board of directors of big financial institutions. It is high time that the student community  unites to resist attacks on their future by the nexus of University Admin, The Government, and Big Financial Corporations.



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