Institutional Patriarchy – DU Admin instructs Female Students to ‘Dress Properly’.


In a pathetic notice issued by the Department of Social Work under Delhi University, female students have been given instructions to “dress properly” while coming to the Common Room area. They have also been instructed to not indulge in any sort of “indecent behaviour”.

The announcement was preceded by IIT Delhi issuing a notice asking its female hostellers to wear “full covered decent western or Indian dresses” on the occasion of House Day. The incident invoked outrage among the students and was slammed as “moral policing”.

On several previous occasions, Delhi University has put guidelines in place to keep in check (read Cage) all female students. In March this year, International Students’ House for Women prohibited its residents from leaving the premises from Sunday night to Monday evening ‘in view of their safety’.

Last year, Hindu college of Delhi University issued a diktat asking its residents to dress in a “normal manner while visiting the dining hall and other common spaces in the hostel and the college”. The notice, however, was withdrawn upon protest.

SFI condemns this blatant display of misogyny by the Delhi University Administration and demands the immediate roll back of such sexist rules. SFI warns the administration that if the university fails to respond, the anger of the student community will be hard to contain.


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