SFI Against the decision to increase Metro Fares.


Students’ Federation of India

Delhi State Committee



Delhi state committee of SFI strongly condemns the decision of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) to increase the fare of Delhi metro by 25-67%. The move will affect the lakhs of students of the Delhi-NCR who use the Delhi metro in large numbers.

DMRC comes under central government’s ministry of urban development. The logic given for this fare hike is nothing new. It is being argued that the losses of metro can be recovered through the increased fare. Such a fallacious argument does not work for mass transport systems and there are real possibilities that the increased fare might lead to downfall in passenger turnout. While on one hand central government is ready to give lakhs of crores of tax concessions to the big businesses of the country, it is not ready to make adequate investments in public transport system. In fact, the experience of mass transit systems across the world shows that it is possible to manage the finances effectively if the slabs are kept keeping in mind the income category of the commuters. There are experiences of mass transit system like Vancouver Metro where concessional passes for students called “U-Pass” helped to increase the number of commuters by manifold.

In the light of this, we demand the following:

  • Immediately revert the fare hike
  • Make the report of the ‘Fare Review Committee’ public
  • Provide last mile connectivity to increase the ridership of metro
  • Initiate concrete study to materialize the possibilities of concessional passes for students

SFI will be launching a movement on the issue, if the fare hike is not reverted.


Released By
Prashant Mukherjee (President)                                                Sunand (Secretary) 



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