May 16, 2017: Legal Update on Najeeb


The Delhi High Court hearing the petition of Fatima Nafees in the case of JNU student Najeeb Ahmed has transferred the case to the CBI.

Adv. Colin Gonsalves, senior advocate for Fatima Nafees, had prayed that the investigation team of the Crime Branch of the Delhi police be completely dismantled and the case be handed over to an independent, court-monitored SIT.

Fatima Nafees along with a delegation will meet the CBI Chief to plead that the matter be investigated in a speedy manner and with utmost fairness. The Delhi police has in the last 7 months delayed the recording of witness statements and not interrogated those who assaulted Najeeb on the previous night of his disappearance. They have mostly painted Najeeb in a bad light linking him with ISIS and caused great anxiety, humiliation and damage to the reputation of the family.

Justice Vipin Sanghi after reading the confidential reports submitted by police observed that there was nothing to suggest that Najeeb had searched about the Islamic State. He stated that the police was trying to sensationalise the matter and find an escape route. It will now be the responsibility of the CBI to plug such leaks and investigate the police personnel who planted this news.

We hope that the CBI will come up with some concrete result before the next hearing on 17 July 2017, which gives them an ample time of 2 months to study and investigate the case.


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