Is Diminishing Democracy Giving Way to MOBOCRACY?


The democratic essence of our country has been put under severe attack during Modi regime. Such attack is not a new phenomenon in Indian history but the way through which the attack has been carried out in recent time demands for our serious attention. Increase in the numbers of public lynching by the cow vigilantes and the explicit or implicit immunity provided to them by the ruling party at the center is alarmingly paving the way for the worst phase of democracy to engulf our society.

The shameful inactiveness or incapability of the law enforcement agencies to bring this communally charged unruliness under justice is causing irreparable damage to the democratic ethos of our country and also trivializing the inhumane act of public lynching. Brutal thrashings in the name of cow protection or in the pretext of protecting our culture have become a frequent phenomenon, and this fast emerging trend of mob-justice is making a mockery of the rule of our land.

On 18th May, Sobhapur village of Jharkhand’s Seraikela-Kharswan district witnessed one another incident when a group of unruly people took the law in their hand and brutally thrashed four Muslim youths to death. The car, boarded by those four youths, was intercepted by the villagers and they were beaten inhumanely under mere suspicion of them being members of a child-lifting gang. Their repeated plea of being innocent fell on deaf ears and our democracy got shamed again when they were murdered ruthlessly. In a similar incident, two other men also succumbed to death due to public lynching earlier this week. The brutal killing of Akhlaq in UP and inhumane thrashing of Dalit youths in Una are still haunting the democratic principles of our country. Hanging dead bodies of two Muslim cattle traders in Jharkhand in March, 2016 (beaten to death and subsequently hanged on a tree by a cow-protection group) still continue to symbolize the criminal distortion of our democracy.The image, where one of the four youths (brutally thrashed on 18th May) is seen pleading with folded hands, invokes us to recollect the infamous photo of Qutubuddin Ansari – a victim of vicious communal violence unfolded in Gujarat and sadly symbolizes the cancerous helplessness of our democracy.

SFI strongly condemns such recurrent incidents of mobocracy and amidst such gloomy circumstances appeals to all progressive organizations to unitedly stand against emerging fascism in the fight for upholding the democratic values of our country.


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