JNUSU Statement on Admin punishing student activists for demanding #JusticeForNajeeb

Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union 2016-17



In a highly shameful manner, the JNU administration has announced punishment to JNUSU office bearers, a member of Students’ Federation of India(SFI) G. Suresh and a member of BASO Umar Khalid for seeking justice for Najeeb. The punishment against JNUSU members and two JNU students are slapped with huge monetary fine of Rs. 20,000 each and immediate hostel transfer.

It must be noted that while Najeeb’s assaulters were ‘rewarded’ with only hostel transfer and the administration allowed them to roam around in the campus freely, allowed them to continue theatening those who have witnessed assaults on Najeeb and made communally charged remarks openly, the administration preferred to take actions of hostel transfer with immediate effect and imposed huge fine on those who have been struggling to seek justice for Najeeb. Our academic process have been blocked until we pay the amount.

This, once again, exposes administration’s clear bias and politically motivated stand.

Further, the committee constituted by VC, didn’t take into account any of points raised by the JNUSU members and the two student activists which clearly highlighted discrepancies in their own security’s report that they provided as evidence. Rather, from the very first day of deposition, the committee operated with highly biased stand, on the basis of presumptions which already decided on a certain judgement against us. This was seen the way Chief Proctor was intimidating us during our depositions and it’s clearer now after this extremely biased judgement.

JNUSU reiterates that the VC’s criminal silence on Najeeb’s disappearance and political sheiding of Najeeb’s assaulters is highly condemnable. The criminalisation of JNUSU members and the student activists will not stop us from protesting or raising our voice for justice. We continue to seek #JusticeForNajeeb

Satarupa Chakraborty
General Secretary


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