ABVP and its pretensions of Victimhood – Vikas Bhaduria


Rohith Vemula was framed and punished on fake injury claims by ABVP leader Susheel Kumar. Susheel claimed of pain in stomach after allegedly being beaten by Rohith Vemula and his friend. Later the medical report revealed that he had undergone treatment for acute appendicitis which was the cause of his stomach pain.

In Najeeb’s case, ABVP tried to justify their mob-lynching claiming that Najeeb started fighting upon seeing Vikrant (the assaulter) wearing the ‘kaleva’ on his wrist. Every time his disappearance was discussed in media this point about that kaleva was made. It is hard to believe that any sane person could have taken offence at kaleva.This allegation by the ABVP clearly seems to be a fabrication, intended to cause people to believe that Najeeb himself instigated the attack upon him to happen.

Again in Ramjas violence, ABVP member Diksha Verma who had beaten plenty of Ramjas, JNU and other DU students including SFI member Titu Bardhan and a lady professor during the day resorted to victimhood when her violence was exposed. In a series of ‘late-night tweets'(almost after 7-8 hours of the incident), she tweeted pictures with torn clothes and self-inflicted injury marks claiming she acted in self-defense after students from left organisations tried to molest her.

The pattern of ABVP-RSS-BJP constructing a discourse of victimhood by propagating false allegations is again at work in the Sooraj’s case, that Manish(the assaulter) is the only victim in the present case. The right-wing media, particulary the likes of TFI and postcardnews always come to their rescue with headlines like “here’s ABVP’s side of the story which no mainstream left media will ever show” ( left mainstream media? sach mein?). Let’s not forget, the same modus-operandi of the action-reaction formula was used during 2002 riots to justify the killings of Muslims in Gujarat by the then CM Narendra Modi.



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