Time has come to Stand With NDTV, for freedom of press !


Protest Against the Vindictive Actions of Modi Govt!


With the vindictive CBI raids against the NDTV, the Modi government has sent a clear message to the media houses. They have the option of being completely servile to the ruling interests like the Zee news and the Republic , become even Rajya Sabha members in the process or face the wrath of the ruling party in the form of raids and character assassination in social media. The fact that the raids against NDTV coincided with the recent incident in which BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra was kicked out of an NDTV debate over his defamatory allegations against the channel should not come out as a surprise. The message is clear to the media: Face wrath of the ruling party for any act which is remotely critical.
The whole episode is hypocritical at different levels. NDTV and its owners have being accused of causing losses to a private bank. Cases have being registered against them over this charge. If that is the case, then why is the government and CBI not pro-active in pursuing corporate defaulters whose total debt to Indian banks amounts to lakhs of crores. Modi’s dear friend Adani owes 72000 crores to Indian banks, most of it to public banks. The debt of NDTV is piecemeal in comparison to this. Despite this why the double standard when pursuing debts? Why does the registration of the case coincides with the channel being critical of a ruling party spokesperson? The government should indeed pursue debts. But there should be no favoritism involved in that.

There have been indeed criminal and suspicious activities from several media personalities which actually demand thorough investigation. Sudhir Cudhary of Zee news, the man who even stooped to openly lie that the new 2000 rs notes have nano –chips in it has an extortion case registered against him since 2012. It still lingers on while he got an X category security from the government in 2015 over threats. His continuous lies through Zee News where he even telecasted doctored videos about JNU continues to be unquestioned by this government. In another case, despite allegations of conflict of interests, no investigation has being conducted against Rajeev Chadrasekhar, a NDA MP who has a substantial investments in the Republic and several other media outlets. He has investments in Axiscades Engineering Technology Limited – a company that “provides technology solutions to aerospace, defense, heavy engineering, automotive and industrial production sectors . At the same time, he is also a part of the Parliament’s Standing Committee on Defense which gives him access to sensitive information on defense which can further his business interests. He is someone who stands to profit on war and hyper-nationalism. Naturally, we witness continuous efforts by Republic TV controlled by him to instigate war and conflicts between India and Pakistan. Despite such blatant conflict of interests we do not see any attempt to investigate him.

The attack against NDTV is yet another evidence of the undeclared emergency that we are living in. Despite all the criticisms, the NDTV has been the only national channel to be uphold constitutional principles. It is time that democratic forces unitedly come together to expose this act of government for what it really is.



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