Corruption, Nepotism and Violation of All Norms by VC in JNU Faculty Appointments


One important reason for the stature which JNU enjoys today is the non-compromising attitude which the University has shown over decades in appointing the best of different fields as faculty members. But in the most corrupt and criminal manner, that legacy is being overturn by the current Vice Chancellor and his cronies. SFI has reasons to believe that massive corruption and nepotism was carried out in many of the recent faculty appointments.

1)Appointment of Incompetent and Undeserving Candidates– Overlooking deserving candidates , handpicked candidates of the Vice chancellor with poor academic credentials have been appointed in different faculty posts. In a particular case, despite the presence of candidates who have doctoral degrees, and excellent academic credentials, an individual who possesses only an M.A degree was appointed as the faculty.

2)Elimination and Sidelining of JNU Pass-outs from the Selection – The administration has also covertly decided to not appoint JNU pass outs in faculty positions. In the same case mentioned above, almost all the candidates apart from the appointed person, were pass outs of JNU. Each and everyone of them were overlooked to make space for the handpicked candidate of the Vice Chancellor.

3)Hypocritical Implementation of UGC Gazette Notifications– AS we all know, the Vice Chancellor has been proactive in the implementation of draconian UGC gazette Notifications 2016. The notification also says that
“Any regular Professor of the University/Institution Deemed to be a University/College with at least five research publications in refereed journals and any regular Associate/Assistant Professor of the university/institution deemed to be a university/college with a Ph.D. degree and at least two research publications in refereed journals may be recognized as Research Supervisor.”
Therefore, an appointment of a candidate without PhD becomes useless for the research purposes of the department since he/she will not be able to supervise students. This is a clear instance of the Vice chancellor’s hypocritical attitude regarding UGC gazette. While he was adamant in implementing the draconian clauses of UGC notification which prevented the entry of students, and subverted reservations , he has absolutely no hesitation in throwing the regulation into dustbin when it comes to appointing incompetent individuals as faculty members.

4) Blatant Manipulation of Faculty Selection Committees– The direct interference of the Vice Chancellor in the faculty appointment has become possible because of the manipulation of the faculty selection committees by the Vice Chancellor. According to UGC guidelines, the panel for selecting a faculty in Universities should consist of three experts in the field along with different representatives of the institution. Selection of these experts should be passed by statutory bodies like Academic Council. But all these procedures have been violated by the Vice Chancellor. Unilaterally, he is handpicking experts who are servile to his interests. When faced with dissent over such corrupt and dictatorial methods, he has pointed out that he has discretionary powers in the selection of experts. But this is a lie. There is absolutely no legal basis for this claim of the Vice Chancellor. The Vice Chancellor has also ensured that the whole process of selection happen in the most secretive manner . Despite appeals by faculty members to make both the minutes of the selection committee and his usage of his discretionary powers public, he has refused to do so.

All these actions point to clear acts of nepotism and corruption. It goes without saying that almost all the recently appointed faculty members are backed by the Sangh Parivar. To serve the political interests of himself and his political masters, all established procedures are being overlooked by this corrupt VC. The manner in which the administration is carrying out the appointment of the nearly 300 faculty vacancies in JNU will only result in the appointment of thoroughly incompetent and undeserving individuals. It is going to massively degrade the academic quality of our great institution. From SFI, we appeal to all of you to resist these corrupt designs of the Vice Chancellor. He is a corrupt careerist who will go to any extent to destroy everything which JNU stands for. We appeal all of you to spread this news around. Let the world outside our campus know about the deeds of this corrupt Vice Chancellor.


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