Bi-annual NET Exam Restored! SFI Congratulates All Students!


The announcement for the UGC-NET July 2018 exam comes as a relief to several students who were troubled by the UGC decision to suspend the exam last July. The UGC-NET exam was conducted bi-annually in the months of July and in December till last year when it was held only once. SFI had strongly condemned this atrocious measure by the UGC to scrap the exam scheduled for July and December 2017, and holding them together in November. This measure reduces the number of students qualifying the NET and JRF by half. A nationwide campaign was carried out against this move which resulted in several protests to the UGC headquarters in ITO, Delhi. SFI congratulates all the students who participated in our national campaign for the restoration of the bi-annual NET exams.


Along with restoring the bi-annual NET exam pattern, we also urge the UGC to revoke its drastic decision of lowering the total percentage of students who qualify NET from 15% under each category to 6% of overall students appearing for the NET exam. This move naturally results in a sharp decrease in the total number of students qualifying the NET as well as the number of students awarded the JRF.

The UGC on an earlier instance in the year 2015 had proposed to withdraw the Non-NET Fellowship which met with vehement protests throughout the nation and UGC was forced to revoke it. And this time the bi-annual NET exam pattern is restored after student protests. We urge the UGC to maintain transparency with its proceedings for the July 2018 NET exam. As was observed the past few times we demand that it does not claim heavy application fee from students for the sake of profits, and that it does not engage in inhuman levels of frisking.

 Text from Wall Parcha released by SFI – Ambedkar University 





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