Jungle Raj in JNU under VC Jagadeesh Kumar. – JNUSU



JNUSU Release : On 143rd AC Meeting. Dated : 17th June, 2017

Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union 2016-17 Press Release. 17.06.2017   Yesterday, the 143rd AC meeting which was adjourned on 9th May 2017, was reconvened. Despite the repeated appeals from the students'​ union office bearers and faculty members to not hold the AC meeting during the semester break, the Vice Chancellor deliberately held the Academic Council [...]

JNUSU Statement on Admin punishing student activists for demanding #JusticeForNajeeb

Jawaharlal Nehru University Students' Union 2016-17 01.06.2017   In a highly shameful manner, the JNU administration has announced punishment to JNUSU office bearers, a member of Students' Federation of India(SFI) G. Suresh and a member of BASO Umar Khalid for seeking justice for Najeeb. The punishment against JNUSU members and two JNU students are slapped [...]

JNU Students’ Union file complaint against websites

New Delhi, Apr 27 (PTI) The Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union today filed a complaint against two websites for allegedly spreading malicious reports that the students were glorifying the Sukma naxal attack. "The websites http://www.srishtanews.com and http://www.dainikbharat.com are spreading reports claiming that JNU students are glorifying the Sukma naxal attack," JNUSU president Mohit said. The [...]