Condemn the violence by Naxalites in Sukma


The Central Executive Committee of SFI condemns the attack by Maoists on the CRPF jawans in Sukma of Chhattisgarh. We express our sympathies with the families of the jawans killed in the incident. The incident exposes the bankrupt anti naxal policy of the Raman Singh government of the state and Modi government of centre. BJP, like all borgeouis political parties continues to see Maoism as a law and order issue that can be combated by the use of brute force. The basic premise of such an understanding is flawed. Not only this, any movement against the loot of natural resources and in defence of the democratic rights of the adivasis has been branded as ‘Maoist’. This has led to further alienation among the adivasis from the state. We would like to reiterate that Maoism is a political issue and any approach which limits it to the plain of military question is bound to fail. Further, the erroneous politics of violence which the Maoists indulge in stands exposed yet again. Their praxis acts to entrap the tribals between the violence from both sides, thereby weakening the possibilities of combating the ruling class offensive. The hypocrisy of the Maoists is of such magnitude that on one hand they are not ready to have any joint movement with the organized left forces; while on the other they have acted as paid agents of ruling class by indulging in physical annihilation of left cadres and sympathizers.


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